North American Jowett Register  

Founded in 1976, the North American Jowett Register keeps an historical record of all vehicles manufactured by Jowett Cars, Ltd. of Bradford England imported to the USA and Canada. The Register Based on surviving factory records, is kept by chassis number and attempts to trace the entire history of each vehicle imported. Over the years the register has grown and by now over 50 % of the Jowett Jupiters have been located and identified. A lesser percentage of Javelin saloons and other models have been located. We are confident that many more Jowetts are still hidden away in barns and garages awaiting identification. The tough part is locating them in the geographical immensity of North America.

Do you know anyone who owns, has owned, raced, or been involved with Jowetts in any way? Do you know where one languishes awaiting restoration? Why not help us out by supplying that bit of information that may help locate or identify another of these interesting cars, or fill a gap in their history on this side of the Atlantic.

In addition to tracing cars and their histories, the register attempts to aid Jowett owners and enthusiasts in various ways, such as: helping to locate hard to find parts, supplying technical and historical information from it's archive, and placing owners in contact with others in their geographical area.

The register holds occasional meetings and get-togethers, correspondence is welcomed from anyone who owns, has owned, or has an abiding interest in Jowett cars.

We certainly look forward to hearing of your experiences with Jowetts and if you own a Jowett we hope you will supply us with the necessary information so that your car may be properly entered into the register

             Ted. Miller

Ted Miller and E1 SA 206.

The Jowett Car Club Americas

The Jowett Car Club Americas was formed April 2008 to provide owners of Jowett Cars with social events, spare parts and techinical support for thier cars. There is a membership fee of $ 25.00. We are dedicated to giving help and support to owners of the Jupiter and Javelin models. If you have a car please contact us to update the register information and to let us know how you are doing with your car.
Neil Belk