The I 1/2 litre Jupiter

Canada Driving Television        This link will take you to a video article on the 1952 Jowett Jupiter. The car in the article is E1 SAL 830. John Kenna, BC, Canada.

Following the history of prototype Jupiter E0 SA 1 in pictures.
The following page was extracted from 50 years of progress Jowett Cars 1901-1951. The pictures are of E0 SA 1 at the factory.

Print of the Prototype E0 SA I at the factory with the design team.

Prototype Jupiter E0 SA 1 on the Jowett stand at the British Automobile and Motorcycle Show, Grand Central Palace, New York; April 15 to 23 1950

Prototype Jupiter's E0 SA 1 and E0 SA 3 [chassis] on the Jowett stand at the British Automobile and Motorcycle Show, New York; April 15 to 23 1950.

Current owner Frank Fryer MN 1962 to date. Currently Chevy 283 turbo powered, Muncie close ratio transmission, Corvette IRS suspension.

E1 SAL 58 R was the prototype left hand drive Jupiter, which started life as a right hand drive chassis and was converted to left hand drive in the experimental department of the factory. It was shipped to Angel Motors in Pasadena California and this photo of it appeared in their advertizing in a 1952 auto magazine. Owner Neil Belk, North Carolina.

E1 SAL 58 R under restoration 2014

Red Skelton receiving the keys to his Jupiter E1 SA 266.
He brought three Jupiter's. Two he gave to close friends.

Some early pictures of Jupiters in California.

Jowett Jupiter at the Concourse D' Elegance, Mt Diablo Country Club, California. May 16, 1954. Special fiberglass hard top fitted.

View of "Javelin Jupiter" in Westlake, Daly City, California Monday, April 4, 1955.

The NBC employee newsletter, "NBC Chimes," had this picture in its May 1953 issue—a West Coast staffer (a Mr. Brearsley) with his J-J.