Scott Renner With his car E2 SAL 758.Beautiful restoration by Scott from a very poor condition. Vintage raced with regularity and reliability since the restoration was completed in 1991.

Racing News.

Next Race Meet will be Sonoma May 16th to 18th
May 30-June 1, 2010 at Sear Point (Infineon) known as the Wine Country Classic.

From Scott Renner.

Sort of a blah weekend, but had a fun time on Sunday when a stalled car on pit lane scrambled the grid, letting slower cars grab starting spots up front. I was behind a Morgan that was behind a Panhard H-Mod. I would pass the Morgan several times a lap and get the Panhard in the same move about half the time because they were soooo slow in the corners. The Morgan driver had the faster car by far, and finally figured out to take the line I was using on him to get by the H-mod. I tucked in behind him and in one move, we both shot past. The Morgan then pulled away on the straights, never to be caught and the Panhard disappeared from my mirrors in less than one lap. Goes to prove how much a slower car can balk you in the corners. My rate of acceleration and top end were not much different from the H-mod, but most drivers have been taught not to slide the car. Wrong technique for the old-timers!

Monterey 2007

2005:- This picture of Scott leading the Gmund Porsche is from Sears. "Had a great duel with the Porsche driver, as he could get off the corners faster, but I had a higher top speed, of all things! We passed each other about twice a lap for 6 laps of the 10 lap race. Alas, he went with a much bigger motor the next year and is now much faster".

Monterey 2007:- A nice shot of Scott in front of a couple of H-mod cars halfway through the corkscrew at Laguna Seca in the Monterey Historic. The black car had missed a shift coming up the hill, putting me squarly on the rumble strips on the second part of the corner.


Early Southern California Racing.


 California Jupiter Special. Story to follow

Jupiter special was built by two brothers using a fiberglass body of their own design. It was raced until "something" happened to one of the brothers. The car disappeared, but the motor, with a billet crank, survived at least into the early 90's.


UK and Europe

Jowett Factory R1


Huntly Perry sent this picture of the R1 Jupiters in France in the early 50s.